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In a moment I’m going to disclose some shocking numbers that tell the perverted story of UAB and the University of Alabama Board of Trustees. If you think about these numbers, they make sense, but no one seems to have … Continue reading

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9 year old Birmingham girl likely to be first woman President

ComebackTown is published by David Sher to begin a discussion on a better Birmingham. Today’s guest blogger is 9 year old Annikah Mishra. She wrote this letter to President Obama at the beginning of the school year.  She’s been patiently waiting … Continue reading

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Young professional: I choose Birmingham ’cause I can make a difference

ComebackTown is published by David Sher to begin a discussion on a better Birmingham. Today’s guest blogger is Samantha Dubrinsky .  We love to hear from young professionals.   If you’d like to be a guest blogger, please click here. Sometimes, coming back from vacation … Continue reading

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So goes Birmingham…so goes America

The presidential election is over. Many people felt this election would make or break America. When discussing the ramifications of the U.S. going broke or being driven into socialism, this small blog about metro Birmingham seems inconsequential. Then I ran … Continue reading

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I hate being a jerk

I feel like a jerk when I write a negative piece about Birmingham. It pains me to criticize the community I love so much. And it’s particularly hurtful when I get an e-mail from a community leader and friend chastising … Continue reading

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Birmingham is best in the world

Usually when someone makes a brash statement that something is the best in the world, its considered hype or exaggeration. However, we can say with complete confidence that Birmingham has the biggest and best civic clubs on earth. Our Birmingham … Continue reading

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Is Birmingham different than the Titanic?

  Here’s a comment I received on my post, Let’s move to the suburbs and attack the City of Birmingham.  I was trying to make a point that our region has suffered because many of our affluent and well educated … Continue reading

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Go home and get your act together!

Our BBA (Chamber of Commerce) takes a trip to Washington every year to visit our Alabama Senators and Congressmen and to lobby for legislation and money. The BBA prepares a priority agenda and typically a small group of business leaders, … Continue reading

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We’re losing our children

I was eating lunch at Rotary and I couldn’t believe the table conversation. A Rotarian who is also a business owner said, “I am so disappointed in Birmingham.  I hope when my children graduate college they’ll move to another city … Continue reading

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Let’s spend $125 million stealing from one another

Birmingham has always been known as a “steel” town.  Now we should be known as the “steal” town. While our peer cities are recruiting companies from other regions, we steal businesses from each another.

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