Guest bloggers

Thanks for considering being a guest blogger.

Objective:  To create a conversation on a better metro Birmingham.

Audience:  Thousands of people who have an interest in Birmingham on and

Guest bloggers often surprised by response:

“The exposure my thoughts received is amazing.  Intellectually, I have known all along that we are in a new “information age”, but I have never personally experienced anything like this before.”

Gene Hallman

Possible subject matter:

  • Poor government structure—what can we do about it?
  • What’s great about our Birmingham region?
  • What’s unique about metro Birmingham?
  • What’s broken in our Birmingham region—how can we fix it?
  • Ideas to move us forward


  • word document
  • a jpg headshot
  • a short one or two sentence bio
  • a provocative title (we can help)
  • e-mail to


  • Between 400-700 words typical–but a bit shorter or longer is okay
  • If blog is too long, may lose readers before the end
  • Short paragraphs–plenty of white space improves readability since many people view on their smart phone or tablet

Please note:

  • No time-sensitive material.  Can’t guarantee publication date
  • We reserve right to approve content
  • No previously published pieces
  • We provide no editing or proof reading
  • Guest blogger agrees submissions can be republished in any and all media including and the Birmingham News.

5 Responses to Guest bloggers

  1. Michael A. Jemison says:

    *Got ideas , hope for my city.How can I help? We can move forward, together.

  2. Angela James says:

    *Birmingham is the heart beat of the nation.

  3. Amos L. Crews says:

    *Our Potential is Only Limited By Our Vision and Our Resolve

  4. Robert C. Smith says:

    *Gene, I support you thoughts, after all you are the Michael Jordan of successful events in promotions here in Birmingham and that is saying a lot.  Help move the thinking of this Birmingham away from the past history of our City.

  5. What are we going to do about improving race relations in our city?There is not enough attempts by the leaders of our city to promote events or programs to address issues that continue to separate the people of such a diverse,unlimited potential,metro area.Why has Nashville,Jacksonville,and Charlotte,figured it out,and we struggle to even have a viable transit system,among other things.It all goes back to ,all people, working together to move us toward greatness.


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