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Phyllis Neill & David Sher

Objective:  To create a conversation on a better metro Birmingham.

David Sher speaks to groups all over Birmingham.  He always asks people to raise their hands if they think Birmingham has reached its potential.   No one has ever raised a hand.

Birmingham has always been called the city of perpetual promise.  The purpose of this blog is to achieve that promise.

Birmingham’s centrally located in the South, is absolutely gorgeous, and has very smart, generous, likeable people.  Why do we perform so poorly?  Is there something in the water?

Our government structure’s wreaking havoc.  No one single person or entity has the power or authority to do anything; not the Mayor of Birmingham; not the City Council, not the County Commission; not the State Legislature.  Instead, everyone’s working against one another.

This blog is a passion project for David Sher and Phyllis Neill, co-founders at Buzz12 Advertising Agency.

We aren’t proposing we combine the governments of Jefferson County and Birmingham.  That’s worked in other peer cities, but may not be appropriate of us.

We’re not proposing a solution.  This may take years to formulate and execute.  It might be best accomplished in small steps?  Our objective should be to promote economic development (that’s where Birmingham’s really losing), and accordingly our business community should lead the way.

And we’re certainly not proposing we combine schools. That’s a non-starter.

Let’s begin a conversation on how to improve government structure and let our comeback begin…

Phyllis Neill, David Sher







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