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The worst thing to happen to America and Birmingham

I attended Gary Palmer’s victory celebration at the Birmingham Marriott and I was blinded by the “white.”  There may have been an African-American there, but I didn’t see one.  This should not be a surprise since Alabama’s 6th Congressional District … Continue reading

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How 155 white guys are ruining Alabama

  Comebacktown published by David Sher & Phyllis Neill to begin a discussion on better government for our region. Today’s guest blogger is John Northrop. If Birmingham is a “comeback town,” what do we want to come back to? Surely not … Continue reading

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Metro Birmingham should secede from Alabama

As you may have heard a petition filed by a Chuncula resident seeking Alabama’s withdrawal from the U.S. reached 25,000 signatures and now requires a response from the White House. The petition asks the administration to “peacefully grant the state … Continue reading

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Go home and get your act together!

Our BBA (Chamber of Commerce) takes a trip to Washington every year to visit our Alabama Senators and Congressmen and to lobby for legislation and money. The BBA prepares a priority agenda and typically a small group of business leaders, … Continue reading

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We’re losing our children

I was eating lunch at Rotary and I couldn’t believe the table conversation. A Rotarian who is also a business owner said, “I am so disappointed in Birmingham.  I hope when my children graduate college they’ll move to another city … Continue reading

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Let’s spend $125 million stealing from one another

Birmingham has always been known as a “steel” town.  Now we should be known as the “steal” town. While our peer cities are recruiting companies from other regions, we steal businesses from each another.

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Birmingham is in the center of my heart

The year 1999 was painful for me and my family.  My wife, Ina-Mae, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Fortunately the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is located here in Birmingham.  And I’m absolutely convinced Ina-Mae would not have survived without UAB. … Continue reading

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Convoluted government brings us to our knees

  The year was 2002.  Dave Adkisson, the then Birmingham Chamber of Commerce President, and I were in St. Louis jogging early one morning when we struck up a conversation with a local runner. He asked where we were from … Continue reading

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How can we have UAB and suck?

  When our Chamber of Commerce (BBA) visited Charlotte in 2004, we were greeted by the President of the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Charlotte’s a city on fire, but the first words out the President’s mouth were, “We don’t … Continue reading

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Does Birmingham have poor corporate leadership?

  I had the opportunity to talk with a new corporate CEO who moved to Birmingham from Nashville a few years back. I asked, “So what do you think of Birmingham?”  Then I looked down at my shoes waiting to … Continue reading

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